Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fun Alcohol Tips

Champagne is a location, not a type of alcohol.  Champagne is in France and any "sparkling wine" made in that region is called Champagne.  Prosecco is a lot less expensive and has a little more sugar and many like it better than Champagne.

Scared to open Champagne because of the flying cork and the spilling?  Tilt the bottle to 2:00 and turn the cork towards you and bam!  Open bottle and no spill.  It's all about the angle.

Like Red Wine but sometimes a little pricey?  You can buy less expensive red wine but the trick is to decant.  It's all about the oxygen.  Open the red wine a few hours before you drink it and the oxygen getting into the wine will actually make it taste better.  Having a party?  Pre-pour the glasses of red wine in the morning and serve at night and the less expensive wine will taste so much better.

Also red wine is best when it's served just under room temperature.  So refrigerate red wine and then take it out and let it sit out 20 minutes before serving.

If you like martini's with olives but are a little slow to finish the drink before it gets warm, try freezing the olives and then add to the martini.  They act as little ice cubes to keep the drink cold while not watering it down.

If someone brings you white wine that is not cold, wrap it in damp paper towels and place it in the freezer for 10 minutes.  Viola, chilled white wine.

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